Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ebay, MasterCard - Oh the horror

Ebay is a wonderful site, it have almost everything you need which is pretty nice. But, of course you need a paypal or credit card .. I first got one for 3 months and of course I get it closed! EVIL WORLD! It was a plain and useful Visa card, instead I get a new card - a MasterCard. A evil evil MasterCard! It's like the ring from Lord of the Rings dude! Really, .. I found like a couple of posters to 130 kr. (REALLY CHEAP) to be exact; 2 big posters and 12 postcards. Really cheap if you think about, one posters in Denmark might cost around 100 kr or 80 kr. FOR JUST ONE so it's pretty cheap && it's included with porto! So CHEEEEAP.

Then I found this giant poster .. to 30 kr. with porto and bought it .. with my MasterCard 'cause I could, I just thought "It's just 160 kr. in all, it's cheap .. THAT'S GREAT!" And so, but then! I found this DVD box with "You're Beautiful" with English subtitles and 3 hours of extra film! God .. I couldn't stand against it, so I wrote it down on my wishlist for Christmas hoping strongly to get it, but I kinda knew I wouldn't since here in Denmark your only way to get it is probably Ebay and my mother nor her boyfriend have credit cards so it's not like they could get it for me! So .. I had class (No, thanks to physics) with one of my roomies and we were like chilling on the web and I was looking Ebay, because I suddenly had a god darm urge to do so! (DARM YOU EBAY) And I had like bookmarked so I wanted to show it to her and then I got all weird and creepy so I really wanted to buy it .. and then my finger kinda like slipped onto the "bye now" button .. and pressed! My roomie, Stine was like; "JUST BYE IT DARM IT" And then I started to panic because, then there were that other button .. PAY NOW. I pressed it .. and entered my paypal AND BOUGHT IT! GYYYYAAAA! - Now, I've decided not to buy anymore from Ebay for the time being but, .. now I've founded a lot of brilliant cheap posters! Really many and so freaking cheap!! So cheap D: And I really want them .. It's again only 130 kr. .. BUT, now it's only 12 posters .. ONLY POSTERS .. I WANT IT SO BAD .. So I'm kinda thining about telling a friend to buy them to me as a Christmas present because she didn't give me one last year! And I feel demanding about it. Kinda like I have a small right to say it but, what if she doesn't buy it too me?! O n O - I really want them ..

And as well, I'm thinking about buying a lot of other things or just 3 more things but, then the amount of money will be .. higher xD And I kinda need to save up money .. But, I'm thinking of not using any of my money on "big cosplays" and only on easy ones instead .. It will be cheap and actually so easy that I actually can make them! Yes, I suck at sewing, I'm such a n00b! I've only sew one cosplay all by myself without anyone help making it, but I sew together with another one and she's good at sewing D: Makes so sad inside .. GETTING OF TRACK SORRY D8

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