Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Long Awaited Reunion

Reunions can suck, like school reunions; mine always sucked hard. 

But, one among friends I’ve not been able to see since 2011-2012 last time I was in Thailand studying here I made a handful of good friends only sad part; scattered all over the world T__T USA to Japan to Thailand, freakishly far apart.

So we all came together during the holiday season, celebrated New Years, dining out and catching up. Funny to me how everyone had not changed a bit but, I had not only changed in appearance, mentally too. 

Yeah I might just be a 19 year old girl (turning 20 soon..) though my friends on the other hand are at a minimum 5 years older than me (and that is the youngest one of them) I actually felt older than them, I managed to stay extremely quiet and just look from the side lines..

I’m kind of like that among friends observing other’s fun times and just fill in, not in a bad way though!
I enjoy it too, seeing other people have fun.

Here’s some pictures of jolly friends and food C: 

Actually had nice when I left the apartment..died on the way ; w ; )9 Excuse long retarded fingers. lol

Having a blast after eating a yummy Thai Lunch at Central World! After that we went for Japanese dessert, After You where they specialize in Shibuya Honey Toast, delicious beverages like tea and coffee + awesome cakes! We all shared a Honey Toast My first time; pretty alright :DD and Chocolate Lava, I'm not a cake/dessert fan though I'm letting myself indulge on these rare creatures (rare to me) and have to admit these were pretty delicious and worth a cramping stomach ache.

Yumi and Pie went to pray at the shrines outside of the mall, both very famous; 1st one is for business, school etc "life" 2nd one is the "Single's Temple" where single people pray for luck in love and to get a partner, pretty funny knowing Yumi had been dating 8 guys in 1 year and still couldn't get a steady boyfriend. And really wants to start a family within 2014..

She went to the "gods"  ≧ヮ≦ 

The "business" / Life shrine

Pie and Yumi with their offerings

The "Love" Shrine

Done with the prayer = Happy Yumi

Thanks for reading!! 

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