Sunday, June 30, 2013

Now you can follow me on BlogLovin!

So I've kinda been confused by all these bloggers clinging onto the rapid hug shaking trend of making their (or kindly asking) followers to follow them on BlogLovin' 

- Hence Google Reader is shutting down, is it here tomorrow? (Monday) This is pretty late out for myself but, yeah... Losing followers doesn't sound that great does it now? 

On the other hand, I don't mind that much to lose inactive followers or bots that just adds to the number. I would really love to interact more with my readers, but I can't force anyone to comment on a post if they don't feel like saying anything ey? XD 

But, feel free to follow me on BlogLovin (I have no idea how to get the shit to work, only got my blog claimed and added the icon) 

There's the fine big button in the sidebar to your right that you can click *winkwink `ε´。)ノ"

I'll end this little entry with some Thai cooking with my mom and bf, taught him (failed LOL) to roll Thai spring rolls, was fun even though my mom kept being a little meanie and makes racist comments and talking trash about me to my bf making him agree to mainly all of it.. /sobsinacorner

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