Thursday, June 20, 2013

Legoland Themepark Date

Last week my Boyfriend & I went on another adventure, as in like what we do every day LOL but, we went to Legoland in Billund. If you're all fairly just a little familiar with the bricks of sudden death to your feet from your childhood or just in general plastic brick toys then you would know what this is - somewhat. 

Though I've heard from some of my American friends that Legoland in, such as, San Francisco sucks. Well, this is ze original, the origin and it doesn't suck  (• ◡•) mkay.

Even though he finds the weather in Denmark pretty warm, (&I'm still cool and freezing here and there easily) he wanted to go mainly to not be around my mother LOL still, ohohoho and I had not been to Legoland since I was 13 so I was kinda excited to try the oldies again as well as any of the new rides. So to say they didn't all live up to my expectations, but it's a Children Amusement Park shouldn't have the hopes up for rollarcoasters of terror. < tho' that would be fun lololol

Took as many pictures as I could of the cutie but, as always the camera shy dude always looks away almost

Now I shall bomb you with pictures, enjoy! The weather was a bit cloudy but overall really hot and sunny, it was nice and we came prepared with sunblock! Eric tans fast and I .. get more yellow if I even "tan" well. Yes. I get YELLOWER (not even a proper term for it .. ('◉◞⊖◟◉` ) ) = I don't like to get sun/tan cause I get more ill looking instead of sexy beach lions with golden blonde hair. TT TT (not that I even want that)

Surprised there weren't that many actually but, on the other hand we did go on a weekday instead of a weekend day makes sense why it's less busy when not all of the Danish population (students) have vacation yet either (I technically still have 2 more exams before I have summer vacation, but dude, screw it IMMA LIVU MAI LIFU) All we saw were all families, newly baked pregnant woman or on that side of the pregnancy they just scream cut it out of me LOL lots of little kids that ran into me so  Eric acted like a sweet gentleman and stuff, made me blush..  ゚∀。)

Eric was like a little kid, so competitive LOL he got hella soaked by tons of kids. Not to mention father's backing up their kids (for some reason I only got shot at around my face and chest area..hmp) but, it was loads of fun! - downside; the water is filthy as fuck. There I said it, it was really disturbing how I started to get a rash as soon as we got off the ride on my legs, our faces were really itchy as well, thank god I had sterile wet towelettes with me.  

First pic together. Beautiful little fuckers ey.

xoxo Haku

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