Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Get Away CPH Style Pt. I

My friend Lucas offered me and Eric to come over to his place after a longer debate when we, as all 3 TC people should have a meetup, since Lucas & Eric hadn't met at that point and well so I thought they should!

- Lucas being super chill said we could stay for a longer period of time "get away from the countryside" which more or less pretty much boring our asses out watching nothing but movies all day long for 2 weeks. Doesn't sound so bad right? Not really, I loved every moment spending time with Eric for sure, just wondered how to entertain him better than making him food and watch movies with him (ಠ_____ಠ) feeling useless LMAO

Shy couple shot (/ 。 _ 。) ~ ❤
Pretty much just settled in upon the arrival day, grocery shopping, chatting and gaming League. Oh boy, let me tell ya I was bored during those hours, though entertained myself with eye candy kpop and talked to randoms on Tinychat. So antisocial we all are, hurhurhur ('◉◞⊖◟◉` ) .. 

Went to Field's the day after, while Lucas was doing an interview and job meeting across from there me and duh boyfriend explored around there (ended up in a park = pollen of sudden death) AND FOUND A FREAKing STARbUCKS OMG - too excited to take any pictures /facedesks. My inner Starbucks hipster cried Niagara Falls of blood, sweat and tears. Now I don't have to go to the Airport if I want Starbucks! MAWHAHAHHAAHHAHA へ(゜∇、°)へ < sucker for expensive pretty clean cut design coffee brands.

Iced Latte & 'The Original' vanilla flavored with dark chocolate sprinkles
- At Baresso, Field's

He's such a dork ♥ I wanted to go on the swings tho LOL

Beautiful .. death trap.
Did some minor touristy things as well, went  to 'The Walking Street' - basically a street that is pretty darm long if you happen to wear heels during the sale period, be alarmed you might want to grab the chance to find some cute flats and change to them later on that day. So many people and it was bloody hot!.. - not for me though, lol fail. (ㆁᴗㆁ✿) Had fun chilling in the shadow watching street performers and some window shopping (mainly the guys did, LOL)

The men are carefully picking their prey, as they look at the best steak.
LOL Had a pretty dry chicken myself :C
Lucas put me up for most of the cooking at home, which was pretty fun, cause Eric rarely helps out in the kitchen more like distracting me than helping in any way ㅇㅊㅇ ... 

Eric made the bacon, or I took over since he couldn't handle the bobbling popping oil (greaseEEEEEE) from the frying pan then Lucas made his infamous cheese omelette. Though that looked more like a oatmeal dish he had made for his pre-work out meal instead.. tasted good nevertheless C: 


I always look so angry.. TT TT 

I shall leave you with bacon.


See you for Pt. II (σ `∀´)σ 

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