Thursday, June 6, 2013

Up Up And Away

You could say things have been very difficult the past few weeks, over all it all just came down onto my head and I felt like I had no options, like life was hopeless and I didn't wanted it.. <- sounds very depressing LOL

But not the less true. I went to see my boyfriend in the states, I was scared but at the at same time I had/have never felt this sort of happiness in my life and oh, I just, even now I tear up with a smile, gosh. Stop being such a softie will ya bitch! WIPE YO FACE.

I didn't stay for a long period of time mainly because, 1# I have exam tomorrow - which turns out to have been today but, I seriously thought it was on Thursday the 6th and not Friday.. other way around oops. 
2# Money money is always an issue. 3# My boyfriend ended up surprising me by going with me back to Denmark and now he's going to spend the summer vacation with me, in Denmark. 


Had been up for 30 hours, in less than 2 hours I managed to get a hold of a ticket and rush off to my boyfriend

OPI polishes - I was in a rush tho :C NOT PRETTY WHY
 Just skipping straight from the 1 hour trip from Denmark to Amsterdam, nothing to see and it was just a 50 minute wait, though I had to hurry the fucking shit out of myself to get a green card so I could even enter the country, wtf America. Less than 15 mins I had a green card, interview up my ass and a hella nerve wrecking attitude and just wanted to sleep! - which never happens, especially on planes. Oh dear, swear on the soulless air plane foods they feed you, didn't have a pleasant sleep, whatsoever.

Thank you KML for doing something right

Tasted sad U.U I fell asleep for the first meal, which was the proper meal so this was all I got and well, I managed

The view from my hotel room ~

The bistro in the lobby, not cleaned up well though, but cozy

LE MYSTERIOUS BF! yes, he's korean LOL

"I'mma cut you up if you post this" - shit son, i dun care :V

Bf's breakfast

My breakfast - Egg whites w/ spinach and turkey breast.
Don't ask me why I thought all the US food I ate tasted like cheese.. I have no idea.


Departure day u.u

Packing, pretty nice room


Elevator shot, cuz I'm a cool loner OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLF

- Then our Lunch before heading to the airport. And now well, I'm procrastinating for my exam, hella tired, probably still a little jetlagged and I have to get up in less then 5 hours. GOOD LUCK TO ME YEAH?

Laters guys<3

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