Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sightseeing in Denmark! - Aarhus Edition

Hey guys! Been a while with another update, haven't really shown what happened after arriving to Denmark again along with my boyfriend, but we're mainly been out everyday to get away from my mother (because Eric is dead scared of her LOL) So I've gotten some pictures along the way on our small sightseeing adventures around Jylland and where I live. 

First most interesting stop: Aarhus. We went around the walking streets, window shopping and got Baresso Coffee and Bubble tea by the stream, minor dates here and there, I really loved it. Even though Eric felt like his legs were dying from walking so much. He was so impressed how Europeans/white people looked so model-like and all of them were tall = not true. He later realized it wasn't the case LMAO
Also we went to a museum called Aros, I myself had never ever entered it and walked around there so I really wanted to go there with him, he too enjoyed it a lot + we got free entrance because they thought we both we're under 18 (I'm 19 y.o btw, #sadlyfe)

Later that day while walking back towards the train station we saw a protest going on, still not 100% sure what is was for cause I was too distracted + they didn't speak English or Danish =_= 

Tried to get pictures of the silly boy but, his facial expression just went "OH HEWL NOE" LMAO was hilarious, it's like, I have to do it like a creepy stalker with my phone if I want a natural expression from him but then he would snatch my phone and check it. If he doesn't like it = deletes it. TT . TT

More blogposts up soon, be back soon!

xx Haku

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