Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One Of Those Mondays

■ I tend to have Mondays off from school. Not knowing what to do I sit back at home in the morning and moderate on TinyChat and skype with my boyfriend, try and see if any of the peeps I know in the area wanna hangout, most of the time it's not easy hence not everyone have Mondays off like myself, haha

■ But last week (2nd last time I had a Monday off) I hungout with a friend, Sofie, she lives in Aarhus area, have a cute smile and a big heart for sushi - like myself. We met up for Bubble Tea at my 'regular' cafe there, Bubble Tee, delicious stuff guys. I love bubble tea so fckn much you don't even know, you wouldn't understand I would spend over an hour just for 1 cup of bubble tea with tapioca pearls, smh. Oh larwd.

Enough chit chat, pictures makes it a lot more fun, doesn't it? We went for sushi afterwards, at Soya 2. I've had my fair share of sushi there to know that compared to my top favorite place in Aarhus (Oishii Sushi Aps) we didn't have to call in for a reservation though I got taken aback by the fact they only had one transporter running and we first sat in the back having a tray to go up to the sushi and stand there to get something, a little troublesome after the first 5 minutes to get moved to a free table by the actual running sushi. It was a nice chill day, a review over the restaurant is on the way as well, so if any Danes are looking for a nice place to eat sushi at in Aarhus or any travelers going there, hit it up it's all good.

I always get the big ones. Hurhurhurhur

I have no comments on the lighting, just fawk.. LOL

Sushi..why you so far from me ; u ;

Exposing my long fingers, mwahahaha

Alien eyebags, leggo.

Kakaotalk, tihi

The only picture of the sushi, too busy dancing on the spot and eating, wow


Playing with ISO, oops

...Shit, wth and the lenses aren't even that big

Talked about how the angle was there to make us look skinny thigh'd, THERE U GO

It's still hella cold for me guys, holy moly, I need to wear this long coat all the time
■ Sadly my last day off on a Monday was yesterday and that well, was pretty dope as well with chilling at home, busting a vein in my eye, major fail and now I'm stuck with glasses for probably minimum a week. I wanna sob so hard, do you know how difficult it is to run or workout with glasses sliding off your nose and hitting the ground all the time? The feels and table-flipping-rage on that thur.

■ I feel like it's the worst time to actually blog with a active flow now that I have my last day of school tomorrow and then I have finals the following month in May and June, gee amagawd, may everything go well.. I feel lost, not academic wise but, the reason why I'm chill and nervous at the same time. Aiyaaa

Good luck to all other students with their finals and whatnot! GO KILL THAT SHIT THAT'S WUSSUP

- to all that are done already, deng son.


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