Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hairdye - FéRia L´Oréal ★彡

 Been a while now hasn't it? I can't say that a lot different have gone down while I've been absent from my blogging duties (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ Been trying to work a little on my Youtube, it's getting along slowly, though I still get stuck in editing. Trust me sometimes Sony Vegas can be a little whiny mofo. Regardless, I've been impulsive lately! Rather than that, I would say a lot actually. 

Was really close to chopping off my hair and get it short again, only reason why it didn't happen was that the hairdresser actually didn't have time on the day I was having a rage quit on everything and I just got a hair treatment instead.. ヾ(◕ 。 ◕ ... whut.

I bought L´Oréal's FéRia in a burgundy color, I've wanted to dye my hair for some time now, but after the fail hair color I got back in Bangkok last year where I wanted this color but, instead it got orange'ish. I didn't do anything but, color it black so my mother wouldn't know. LOL 

The box of glory right thur.
The L´Oréal hair dye was on sale for 80kr. so less than $20 (8£) so I just grabbed it and didn't look back afterwards. Even told the clerk to throw away the bill. No.Turning.Back.Man 

Same color all the way, so even with my (previously) dark brown hair it would work!

The burgundy dye, shine conditioner, gloves and some hair oil - inside the box

Made a video over how the coloring went so I'll skip that step and you can watch for yourself how simple the process was~ Though I didn't do it myself I must say, I am terrified to do these things to myself..such as cutting my own hair or color it, even if it's a black color I would most likely fuck it up hardcore. don't let me color your hair you have been warned









Blurred my left eye on purpose, I was trying to wink and my camera took a motion

The color doesn't show THAT well, since I try to match my lighting so I get a nice complexion.. hate my freckles mkay D: <- couldn't get the video to work on blogger >: So there's a link for ya'll ~

I really do like the color, it's something different and fierce which I think I need to be in the following months, with everything that's going on getting kicked out being one of them doing some Korean cosmetic reviews soon and lens reviews after posting about my trip to Hanami in Copenhagen last month, so I'll update you guys soon and stay healthy all of ya!


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