Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SVScon 2013 ★彡

★彡For you guys who doesn't know what SVScon actually is, it's a Danish Anime/Manga(/Cosplay I presume as well) convention on the other side of the ocean of Sjaelland, hurhurhur. Just kidding, by that I mean it's the only convention in Denmark that takes place on/in Jylland, in Herning Sports Center

★彡I wasn't actually planning on going, in the end that is. By the time I thought about buying my tickets they had already sold out on them long time before hand, what surprised me was that there wasn't any one-day tickets ("this year") even though I contacted them about the reason I got an email back on the 2nd day of the convention itself with the shortest answer I've gotten from a staff; No sorry, we don't sell one-day tickets. 
Really now, I know that it's a busy event but, also do I know that there was quiet a handful of Gophers for this (Gophers = staff workers, volunteers) but, that'll just be a heads up for everyone that expects fast replies on email; don't hold your breath on the next email to pop up in your inbox. most likely spam mails instead LOL

★彡My friend(s) from Sweden, that handled a dealer shop for the convention was short handed on staff when his girlfriend couldn't come and they "needed" a girl; for some reason to attract costumers, haha smh and I somehow worked my way to a free pass in exchange of working (for free because well, the entrance and sleeping was free so why say no?) and I went, right now I don't regret it even though I was sick as a mother father gentleman guys. 

★彡It has been awhile since I went for any conventions and the fact that there's basically only 3 (I think) in Denmark, where 2 of them takes place on Sjaelland it's easier for me to go to SVScon when I can walk to my bus from my place, 3 mins, get on the bus, sit on it for 1½ hour and then switch to the shuttle/city bus (you can use the ticket purchased from earlier on the same bus) straight to the Sports Center for the convention location; easy breezy lemon squeezy. - /coughcough. I wig'd up and tried some lashes I bought in Netto for $3 didn't seem that bad and always looking out for something rare to try out. Didn't look that bad, actually looked..rather natural.

Metal Zipper Necklace - Glitter
Cropped Blazer - SisterS
Wig - Ebay (LESS THAN $3 BBY)
Closeup on EyeMake. (defocus ftw, wth)

Tried to make my lips look red and mysterious looking, didn't work. Camwhore on the bus when you're the only one in the back is the cool stuff to do.

★彡After getting to the convention I was kinda running around to find my friend so I could get my pass (Very pretty VIP card saying DEALER - so wrong LOL) No one could really recognize me but, hey now that always happens to me for some reason #NinjaStatus. The dealer room was surprising rather small from what I'm used to. Not to mention we were to sell Pocky (that regular brand, imported from Thailand if most of you didn't know hurhurhur) But, the convention leaders didn't approve of that which, to put it simple, was bullshit. So these guys drove all the way from freaking Sweden to Herning - with 5 giant ass boxes filled with Pocky and they didn't even bother telling them they wouldn't be able to sell it. Smh, the service and information these people are willing to give. Just giving them a "and you can't sell food or snacks btw" would have been fine, if not convenient. /sigh. The day after (Saturday) they had the leaders run up their butt about the prob swords they were selling, I honestly have no idea why they didn't talk to them earlier about this instead of making it an unpleasant business trip for these sweet guys. 

Anyways, bad mis/lack of communication, I am not surprised. Just saying, nothing new to this.  

★彡 Since I feel like this is turning into a con-report I wouldn't want it to be all serious so here's a few derp pics to lighten the post up. I had mainly just 2 different outfits on, whether I wore my BOYLONDON cap (snapback in black) or bunny ears sponsored by BananaCosplay (My friends stand) it completely changed the fallout for the outfit. REMEMBER GUYS AND GURLS YO ACCESSORIES ARE IMPORTANT.

Outfit Friday - 3rd of May
Blazer, shorts, black tights, blue leopard bowtie

Without Cap
Dress - LizLisa
Tights - RiversIsland
Heels - Faith
With cap
★彡 Bought the white dress at the Lolita/-I suppose also Japanese Fashion in general "yardsale" that happened on Saturday (4th) it's a cute summer dress from LizLisa I really love white dresses...AND IM NOT EVEN A DRESS KINDA GURL LOL. Btw, first time to wear my new heels after my old ones broke, I had them repaired 2 times but, I think it's time to let the old ones go, I must have danced/walked/running in them for too long and they have passed away now. I miss them so much ... /cry. But, them new ones, oh dear they're gorgeous! They be bangin' I tell ya'll - BANG-TO THE-ING' ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

MEME - The lol's

My lovelies<3 

★彡 I really liked this group, they had a really nice vibe and their cosplay was good, even though I wish the Chopper was a little more, I dunno, looked happy on the picture. Though it was taken on the Sunday, the last day, so it was a given to me that most people wouldn't have that toothpaste smile glued to their face and lookin' all duh pwretty for duh camera. What surprised me the most was they actually asked to have their picture taken with me. #SUPERSUPERSHYMELTDOWN

 Over all, the thing that really saved this con - for me; was the few friends I had there, that I hung out with and helped me out while I was sick and lost about everything haha. So big thanks to you all (you know who you are ♥ IF NOT U BETTER) for taking care of me when I do such a bad job at it already. Much love ♥

That's all for now, thanks for reading this "random" blogpost ♥

- Haku ♥

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