Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

A beautiful morning view while running to the supermarket on Mother's day to nurse my hungover wifey to get her painkillers and groceries. I felt like I was prepping to be taking care of my mother later that day. I was out partying Saturday night with my wifey and our friend, just a classy time with lots of music, sushi and good jamming with shades indoors; I'll say I needed it badly before finals and I enjoyed it! Met this lovely sight while talking on the phone with my bf (he lives in Seattle, bloody time zone smh) After spending the morning and noon taking care of her I scooted my way home, I actually had this really happy vibe going on and I couldn't wait to get home for once that is really rare I must say I bought her some of favorite things, she was happy when she actually came home 3 hours after I got home so funny, she even gave me a hug. 

Thank you mom.

 ♡ Dear mom, I know we have had our problems but, I love you I really do and I hope you live to see me reach the goals in my life, to see me get my life in order, graduate not just from 'college' but, also from University. I badly pray even though I'm not religious whatsoever that you'll be able to live through our hard times and your sufferings will ease with time. I want you to be proud of me. Same with my father, sorry to have let everyone down. 

Much love your Daughter,


Sorry for the semi emotional post but, I do love her regardless of everything.

Hope you all had a nice Sunday,

Peace out till next post!

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