Monday, May 6, 2013

Hanami in Copenhagen 2013 ✿.。.:*

 What's up my swagalicious readers! Haha, don't mind my typing in the following post, I'm in a funny mood (Not blazing js.) Alert; a bit heavy loaded on pictures in this blog post. ♥

So in April I got around Copenhagen quiet a lot, 1st time was for Brammer's Birthday (lovely guy in the navy blue leopard print shirt & cool shades) we be duh 94-liners babay ; u ; / the weekend after that I went with Brammer and our friends for Hanami, a Sakura festival in Copenhagen by Langelinje don't even know if I'm spelling it right OTL it was a weekend event to celebrate the Cherry Blossoms Sakura to actually blossom for Spring, which they sadly didn't really do this time around (though on sunday I saw ONE flower bud that had blossomed and it looked really beautiful yet lonely

Celia (my twinnie) had arranged a picnic on Saturday, I didn't really had the material to cook duh spicy Thai foods nor did I have time to bring any with me on the Friday before hand (went early then party later at night) so I bought mochi, 6 packs! Red bean, Green Tea & Taro mochi, I'll believe they all loved it. LOVED IT OK
We were doing Gwiyomi/Kiyomi/whutever .. cough

© - A. Brammer (FB)

Andi, Brammer's lover boy, took a pretty cool picture of me then Brammer took a cooler one after this, where I was smoking but, I believe I'll keep that to myself haha.. (I don't promote smoking, staph that I'm stepping down so I can quit asap.) But, deng that cap tho, Lucas really needs to just give it to me.

"Cock block"
 Tea was there only for one day, sadly, but I'm glad I got to see her regardless, her company is always loved by me ♥ Wish my camera didn't die on me so I could have gotten more pictures of her .. /duhsadface

© - ♥

© - ♥
 The weather wasn't that warm at all, I really regret not bringing long pants and more shirts with me for the picnic and the day after that, terrible idea, what was I even thinking, it's Denmark; forever too cold for me to live outdoors <- true story. Celia and Trini dressed up in their lovely Yukata's so envious of their cuteness, can just feel the kawaii-diabetic attacks in my eyes from looking at them, geeeeeeee-sus.

Just lol. HAHAHAHA

Group picture! - smh

 Made the best video of this moment of Andi eating cake, which was deliciously provided by our Luffy-lookalike-Nicklas. Deng that moment was funny. A moment where you should have been there, but a 1080 HD video is close enough. 

See you next time ♥♥

xoxo Haku

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