Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Dead 20140711

I'm back~ How have you been today?

I kinda have been dead since my giveaway post, I'm sorry I promised to be more active and/with reviews + more posting in general. 
I'm truly sorry for being a boring person, haha... mostly the reason why is that summer to me = death. Pollen allergies sucks and I don't have much going on, I did go see some friends (1 friend, just one, yeah you Nani, you) which was really nice.
The past month (June) went by in a so-so pace, all of a sudden things went by super fast and then things just went down in speed and it never seemed to near July at all. My boyfriend and I have been moving around, looking for schools, applied for visa, waiting for visa, job hunting 


The list kinda keeps going along a lot but imagine a lot of lazy days inbetween. Been having a lot of problems with my school and with SU (student support in Denmark), it's quiet retarded and I'm still trying to get some SU so I get some money by August or else I can't go to school after moving to Sweden HAHA. /notfunny.

Hey, I do after all not shit out money every other day ya'll. Personal funds/savings can only carry you "so far". SO SAVE UP ALWAYS SAVE UP, you never know what can happen and you will be motherf**king grateful for that little voice in your head telling you NOT TO buy a bunch of things and save it for later. 
//like a sale, LOL

I got contacted by a photographer to do a PAID shoot, darm I felt happy! I don't like approaching people and I don't usually ask for money when I work with others, which makes perfect sense I approached them, not the other way around (but, there's occasionally cases where I get paid gigs!) And not just that I was so lucky that a acquaintance of mine got me hooked up for a try out for a waitress job in Copenhagen, next week ~ So crossing fingers I CAN GET THE JOB. I want a job ok I kinda need the money to live while I spend my SU on rent and expensive transportation between Sweden to Denmark and so on.

Having SU being a little sassy problem other than that, do you know how annoying it is to WAIT FOR EVER for a responds from the government about whether or not your loved ones application will be accepted or not, we are just in the pre-stage so we still have to re-apply for the ACTUAL visa when we get the green light. I just want to punch a bunch of wall, it's nerve wrecking man. 

Other than that I'm working out and eating healthy trying to change the way I see my body and accept the body I have and that I should love it for what it is, cause I got the power to change it. 

All the motivational quote stuff ;) 

I'll show my workout progress on my blog too, can't hurt to keep record on my blog other than on my blogilates app I'm probably too shy to post it. I don't think my results are SUPER AMAZING but, I'm working towards the amazing part so gimme a another 12 weeks~ 

Thanks for reading! New post TOMORROW UHHH~

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