Saturday, June 14, 2014

KPOP GIVEAWAY || Ends 15th August

The IG promo picture :3

Giveaway time guys! It's been too long, probably not. 

So it's another time for a giveaway, surprisingly it's a KPOP Giveaway who would've thought that now. everyone It's open worldwide (unless there's problems with the country and their postal, that could turn into an issue) and everything is ON ME. No shipping cost, entry cost nothing. 

The prices are 1 Kpop album and a (Fan merchandise) kpopgroup hooded shirt!
It's basically just B.A.P, but they're awesome so you should love it.

B.A.P 1st Mini Album Repacked
B.A.P Alien Alias' hooded shirt (Tatamato style)

The entry rules are simple:

1) Subscribe to my channel (not just to unsubscribe or you will be blocked/black listed for any future giveaways/contests)

2) Follow my Instagram account;, also not just to unfollow you will be blocked from future giveaways/contests/freebies

3) Follow me on Tumblr; (same thing as prior stated)

4) Like my Facebook Page; (same thing goes as prior stated)

5) Leave a comment on why you like Kpop and BAP along with your Instragram ID, tumblr and Facebook account, if you want to keep your facebook private that is alright too, winner will be have to tell me their Facebook name to verify their "Like" on my Page.

There seem to be a little bit of confusion going on about the comment section part, so here's and example:

I think that's pretty simple? No? I think so shhhh

Do check out the giveaway video for more info, I'll link it below! 
(in the description box extra points are waiting for you~)


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Thank you and please enter!


  1. Hello Haku~ ^^ What a pretty-simple blog!
    Hmm, I don't know why I like K-Pop. But for me, K-Pop give me strength when I weak, give me smile when I sad and of course give me handsome oppas and pretty unnis kkkkk~ K-Pop already be half of my life ...
    I love B.A.P because there's my handsome brother, Bang Yong Guk >_< At first, I know Yong Guk oppa since he did rap on Song Ji Eun's song, Going Crazy. Until now, I realized why he can have low voice like that >_< And then, he have a song with Zelo, "Oh my God, why they look so gorgeous :3" When I know that he have "another" debut with B.A.P, "Omo omo omo, there're another handsome oppas *except Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo :p*" But now I a little confuse to choose between Yong Guk or Himchan oppa >_< B.A.P Jjang! (subscribe channel)
    @realdianmrani93 (IG)
    *sorry, I don't have tumblr account because I don't know how to use it :(
    Dian Maharani Neomu Yeppeo (Facebook)
    and follow your Blog and Bloglovin account with 'Dian Maharani'

    Thanks for holding this Givewaya :D Wish me luck o:)

  2. hello!
    nice giveaway!
    I followed you on youtube - Tatyana Rysakova
    and GFC Tanya Soyer (sorry I dont have tumblr account, so I follow you here)
    FB liked Tanya Soyer
    Bloglovin - Tanya Soyer
    @tanya_soyer (IG)

    I love K-Pop because their style is amazing, and I love BAP too because they're smart! :))

  3. Hello :) Hi :)

    Why I like KPOP? Hmmmm... It is simply because when i'm listening to the songs of KPOP Idols it relieves my stress and brightens my mood. While listening to their songs or watching their MVs,performances and etc,.I come up with a dream,a dream that really pushes me to work hard and to reach for my own goals in life. I always wonder how this Idols work hard and how they manage to get to the top and because of that confusion my Idols serves as an Inspiration for me. :)

    B.A.P is one of my favorite rookie group in 2012 and to be honest I have a lot of time confusing myself who is my bias in this group because all of them is so freaking cute,awesome and talented,from their Leader Yong Guk to their Maknae Zelo. I don't know why I like them it's just when I see them they gave me happiness and enjoyment. :)

    Thank you for this giveaway :) I hope I win :D Kekekeke~~

    IG: sjkpacv_ss
    Bloglovin: Princess Alyssa Vargas

  4. Hello ^^
    I love K-pop because its different from other style and i enjoy it very much .
    There is so much to say about B.A.P , i really love them , they are my U-Boys band , they are so different from others , their music is daebak and i just live each member , they respect others , they are handsome , cute , adorable and everything :3

    My Tumblr :
    My Facebook :
    My Instagram :
    YT : YooYoungJae ( B.A.P )

  5. youtube id: twilightbizarre
    facebook: lara majcan
    twitter: twilightbizarre
    ig: twibizarre
    bloglovin username: twibizarre

    I love kpop because it's different and the same goes for BAP. when they debuted they went with a different style, all blonde hair, a really really high quality debut but the most important thing is that even though they change the concept they always show the same amount of talent and I love it ^^
    Thank you for the giveaway :D

  6. tumblr:
    YT: bfruzsii2
    Hi! i love kpop because it's different, and i really love the language, basically their music is just awesome!! the reason why i love B.A.P.. omg, why i love them? I love their dorkness and their music so much ♥

  7. I like K-Pop because I like more they dance and they MV's, I think they work hard for do this presentations and spend more time learning all the choreographies. And I like B.A.P. because I like more they songs, my favourite song is One Shot. They are very good singers and dancers.

    IG: Cris130593
    Facebook: I prefer don't say here.

  8. Hi
    Good gift away ߘ͊I love kpop so much and i love b.a.p music

  9. Replies
    1. It is announced on Youtube, it's Karla Hansen from the Faroe Islands