Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey there, you sexy..you. /AwkwardTurtleStrikesAgain

I got great news I finally got a job! I work as a waiter, part time at a sushi restaurant; so I get free sushi at work for dinner and wow darm it's so good. And I've had A LOT of good quality sushi nothing like Giro though this restaurant surprised me. The fish is so fresh and amazingly tasty, the sushi chef is SO fast.

Also I got some paid model jobs, 1 tomorrow then another one next week. I'm so excited! 500SEK per hour, guys I can pay half my rent with the gig tomorrow ; w ; ) I'm so happy, money has been an issue lately so I'm glad I can now cover the rent. 

Here you get some foodporn pictures from the past few days for you :)

Well hello bunny hubby :'D
Eric's family sent us 2 GIANT packages from the States, first 1 had some of his clothes that got soaked in kimchi water since they sent us his mother's homemade kimchi and radish kimchi. IT IS DELICIOUS btw, just saying. The other one was all instant rameyon and clothes, Eric's mother and sister got me yoga shorts and lots of OPI nail polishes I feel so lucky<3 


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  1. Yummmmmm, I'm hungry now! And I'm happy that you got a job, good luck!