Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Test Shoot

Hello!~ Last Sunday I was out for a test photoshoot, a beauty shoot with Rachan, an amazingly talented photographer in Thailand, as well as the fabulous Noon Ratipat MUA she's so sweet too! I going for a test shoot originally organised to see if I had the face he was looking for etc + so the MUA could work on my face. Good for me that it all turned out great and I did get the gig in the end at Pickadaily~ Sadly te MUA was busy that day :/

Got to play with the flash shutter with my own Canon EOS 650
I haven't gotten my hands on any of my pictures from this shoot so I'll show it as soon as I get it! Stay tuned for that, I was some of the pictures and darm I was stunned the makeup was so flawless! 

There was another model during this, Khun Eye (I know weird nickname, right?) that was doing a bikini shoot all I can say is I awed at her slim legs..So envious!

Close up of her face
Since I can't show any pictures from the photoshoot yet I'll just give a sneakpeak on the makeup, but that doesn't justify the makeup at all, closest to justice is the Instagram picture I posted right after we finished the application even with my crappy phone

Also some BTS on it all:
freaking thumbnails..ughhhhh

Thanks for reading!

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