Monday, April 28, 2014

Oishi Grand [Review]

Oishi Grand was the best buffet I have ever been to! 

Let it be in Thailand, Denmark or any other country I have visited this was by far the best. From the quality freshly cut; in front of your eyes salmon/various fish to the busy sushi chefs molding and creating delicious sushi; the list is much longer but, it was worth every penny. In Thailand you probably (most likely) will find cheaper and more affordable buffets including: Oishi Express, Shabushi and numerous of others. 

Price price comes to a NET price on about 800Baht person ($24~25, 134kr.) for me, this is incredibly cheap, it's surreal! In Denmark I would pay 200kr (+) for a just a all you can eat "running" sushi and let's just say it's not "the best" quality most of the time regardless of the price being so darn similar. 

This place was gold. I loved it, even with a 3 hour time limit for Hubby and I it was plently of time. Even though we don't do buffets well, even with the price this is not only worth it but also we ate enough to be able to say that if we had gotten the same thing in a restaurant we would've paid the white outta our eyes starve, let to die here. (expensive stuffffffff-) ('◉◞⊖◟◉` )

Tenpanyaki stand, fresh stuff!! Btw, the Australian beef was amazing. Just pure, amaze.
The restaurant itself is huge, with various of food "stations" like any buffet. This one was just over the top, they had everything. And it was free, just wow. They had a dessert station, what kind of buffet doesn't have that? Well this one got a DIY pancake MACHINE, a Haagen Daaz icecream stand and a big selections of cakes and puddings. Also they served fruit salads. Standard right?

You can see a hint of a Haagen Daaz sign in the left, this includes 3 different food selections!

Hubby on the right grabbing some smoked salmon - Chef on the left cutting fresh sashimi salmon! So good..

Icecream, pancakes, desserts..Great right? The pancake machine really had me and I'm not keen on desserts but I had to try it. Had to.

These are at every table, you bring them to the yaki (the grill station) so they can bring the food to your table after you pick them out, no sweat it's so easy!
The most delicious beef I've ever had, thank you Chef, thank you for the medium rare-melting-on-my-tongue-goodness. It was beautiful. LOOK AT IT

Not only is this place easy to find, but just come by on a week day after 1-2PM and getting a table will be no problem. The staff speaks english and remember EVERYTHING is free there, if you want alcohol on the other hand that's the only thing they'll charge you for. They tell you, the menu at the drinks/beverage station says so. It just that simple and easy! It was a bunch of fun eating this, it was delicious and I tried so many quality foods I have never had the opportunity to eat before. Best eating experience ever!

This place should be on any foreigners list of "eats" if you drop by Thailand you won't regret it.

Also did I mention they make coffee (espresso, latte's, mocha's) and hot chocolate for free? Oh the caffeine

Location: Siam Discovery, 2nd floor. You can't miss it
Take a cab to Siam Paragon, or the BTS to Siam Station.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy! 

(Watch this video if you wanna see more ★彡)

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