Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moving out of 3J Court

I moved out!

It's only been about 2 days since I we moved out from 3.J Court as much as I loved having a place of my own, my first apartment with my boyfriend; not roomates/dorm mates etc, but with a person I loved. It has been amazing, (almost) a year flew by so fast our anniversary is coming up soon! I can't believe it. 

On a sidenote, I hated the staff, or rather the way they "handled" us moving out. In a very money-sucking and unprofessional manner, I got my deposit ripped to pieces, from 17,000 (~down to originally 12,400) I got 5323 (baht) back. I had from the 17,000 excluding the last month's rent (5,600B) they cranked up our electricity bill to over 5000! In the many months we have been living in this crappy apartment (the wifi speed was 11. fack) the highest we ever had our electricity bill was on 2300, ever. I don't wanna start on how much bullshit that is and what they took us for, sure we are young but, we aren't stupid.

The office staff were so kind to us in the beginning, figures right? As the closer we had to move out the worse it got, and us asking for our deposit 2 days prior our leave (we originally wanted to book a hotel since living 10 days at my friend's place seemed to be pushing it..) we got a no, but then we could get it the day before we left, so sure. We with our "original 4579B electricity bill" (wasn't happy with that, we didn't really spend much more electricity compared to other months) in 1 day we it up with an additional of 1500B, it's 7B per unit!! We had 1 laptop, 1 light and refrigerator = impossible that's our Monthly standard (I never plug mine in for more than 2 hours a day) UGHHHH THE RAGE. 

In the end, these money-sucking cunts can take their dirty fingers up their butt. I'm not coming back and I won't recommend people to stay there for a more than a month! + never get roomservice, all they do is clean your tiny ass bathroom and swipe everything else under your bed. 

Why would you even pay 200Baht for that shit, you probably do that yourself.

I liked the inside of the apartment, the balcony and the nice street vendors that were so conveniently close to us, I had a good stay but, it wasn't anything but a few nice people and my boyfriend that made me see past all of the other stuff. 

Done D: < 

Sorry, that seemed more like a rant.

But, I'm not the only one that had this happen to me, it also happened to other exchange students.. sigh.

I'm in a much better place now though, so thanks for reading! I'll post some reviews (lenses..etc) soon! Sorry if I bored you ^^'

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  1. Hi, I'm considering studying in Thailand this upcoming Fall semester at Thammasat University and these 3J Court apartments were recommended on their student housing list. Since you had such a bad experience with the apartment complex(sorry to hear about that), I was wondering where you ended up moving after that, and if your experience was any better?