Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bibimbab In A Rice Cooker

Hey there! So a few days ago all the street vendors were closed. Literally all of them around our area and up all the way to the closest mall, even at that point we could only eat food at the mall or just go much further to find 'cheaper' food; I didn't even know why..But without knowing ended up cooking at home! (After eating our breakfast there). Hubby said he would make me bibimbam (cause I have a love for that stuff srsly) after some grocery shopping and just lazing it at home, watching movies all day and playing games (phone games)

We began the cooking later on, since we had a lot of different vegetables for our bibimbab the proper preparations had to be made, like; cooking everything in order etc takes a while with just one pot..

Disclaimer; yes, I know we are cooking on the floor - "Omg, that's so gross!" Technically, yeahhh..but in the this matter use your eyes, nothing edible is actually touching the floor + we clean the floor 2 times a day cause we shred hair like mad feral cats LOL. Also we clean up in-between each ingredient cause if not it would make a mess and not taste good either ._. OVERALL - Our apartment doesn't have much table space nor space in general + no kitchen so our cooking pot basically can't be else where but on the floor and cooking out on the balcony is way more unhygienic and literally gross af because of pigeons. Hate them. ugh 

That blue cloth in the back is actually our bathroom mat so please no 'messy' comments LOL

  1. Green bell pepper - lightly cooked on the pan, just in a few slices (Hubby doesn't like them, I do)    
  2. Shitake mushroom - stir fried till brown (more brown lol) should be done with butter but, whatever~
  3. Japanese roasted pumpkin - precooked from the store, just reheat on the pan.
  4. Cucumber - just slice it up like on the picture, you can stir fry them if you want. 

  5. Spinach - boiled, rinsed 3 times in cold water then squish all the water out of them, mix soy sauce and garlic along with the spinach in a bowl.
  6. Carrot - stir fry for a few minutes, nothing special.
  7. Bean sprouts - these fuckers takes forever and probably the one that takes the longest to prepare. Clean them, take of the head (less of a hassle to cook later on) rinse 3 times after sorting good from the bad and cleaning them - again. Then proceed to soak them in water for 10 minutes, to then boiled them on low heat for 20 minutes, rinse in cold water, mix with sesame oil and garlic + they smell.
  8. Onion + Garlic - Slide up the onion and mince the garlic, we used 2 onions and 4 gloves of garlic.

Delicious, fresh yummy minced beef from Australia! So bad good, wish I could eat it all the time, for bibimbab, god I love bibimbab.. Too bad we didn't buy any kimchi but, it's a little pricey and we eat it hella fast. I just love that stuff. I love foods, healthy-hearty-homecooked-foods actually <3

  • Add the beef along with the sauteed onions and garlic, till brown, add a teaspoon of sugar (brown sugar in our case, any sugar can do) and a tablespoon of soy sauce. Depending on your preferred taste, add more sugar and/or soy sauce for a stronger flavor (not necessary, but test it out).  

We used our rice cooker as a bowl, its really convenient; save dishes (do less kk), easier to deal with when you're 2/a couple that are going to share a meal + it's pretty hilarious when it just explodes with too much meat and veggies. That's what happens when you have a tiny rice cooker. 

  • Arrange the vegetables side-by-side, or just toss it all in it's a matter of preference I suppose; you're going to have to mix it all together anyways. Top the beef on the top, adding an egg, fried egg or a soft boiled egg is perfect (we just accidentally made an omelet out of our soft boiled egg, didn't know 7-11 sold pre-cooked soft boiled eggs in pairs. Come on) as a topping on the top of the beef (see what I did there? No? Excuse my lameness.) Add some bibimbab hot/spicy sauce (made from gochujjang) and mix it all together ~ 

That's how you make bibimbab in a rice cooker. Practice clean and safe cooking! Thanks for reading!

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  1. mmm, food look so delicious!