Thursday, February 27, 2014

7 Days - Results

Hey yo there, think it is timeout now!

By timeout I mean, a little closeup progress of the SkinnyMeTea's HealthyMeTea teatox! That's a lot of 'tea's, haha. I have put together a mini collage, as the photoshop expert I am the lies, I don't even have ps LOL Can you spot a difference? I think honestly it's all due to bloating but, perhaps that in itself actually is good too. I noticed an increase of energy, lesser bloated and.. that's about it for now. 

I don't see myself crave or have a 'suppressed appetite' either but, I do eat less mainly because I drink around 8 cups of green mulberry tea in between the morning-evening cup of HealthyMeTea, liquids (water/tea/coffee etc) does fill one up. 

Right side a tad (LOADS) bloated, left side less bloated slightly toned/easier to see stomach :3
Addtional taste update: So I know I said I wasn't going to drink the Acai Tea before after the end of the HealthyMe one, but I did slip maybe 2-3 teabags into my mug and enjoy another tea flavor. Which is 100% better compared to the loose leaf HealthyMe one, ugh got a herb stick from the tea stuck in my throat, little bastard.

The tea has a wonderful taste, berry filled and incredibly sweet, which is surprising based on the smell of it.
I would definitely buy it again, in a freaking heatbeat I would be on their website clicking a battlefield with my fingers, if that even makes any sense. LOL

I'll leave this post at that, I'll do a better review later (rather an actual one,ajaja) here's some screenshots of the video footage I have so far of the video review on it, remember to check it out on my Youtube channel!

Thank you for reading!

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