Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day ♥

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! ~ ♥ So even though this is commercialized so bad to be a lovers day with chocolate for him or her it's bullshit ok, b to duh s; 
1) You shouldn't need a specific day (date, etc) like Valentine's to confess/show/appreciate/love other people, there's birthdays/weekdays/weekends/364 other days that works perfectly fine as well yo. And giving someone else something nice even if it's not a 'special day' still feels fucking special so fuck that.
 2) The whole "Officially Foreveralone day everyone!" single people that say this, sorry to say, but really? Might as well announce it out loud every single day during the other 364 days in the year until you find yourself a partner, Valentine's day isn't a excuse to put your hate on other's, you might as well send your mother a rose or your daddy a box of liquor chocolate, perhaps give your friends and family some chocolate. CAUSE YOURE NOT ALONE + You'll find your nemo just keep swimming

 With that finally outta the way..Sorry it had been on my mind for like 3 days people slamming up their "Foreveralone" slogan as if it was a public holiday to be sad about yourself and to hate on others. You most likely do that every day anyway Mr.Sorry-for-myself-fancy-pants. + You could just enjoy a day of pampering YOURSELF, ALONE - Cause that's pretty good too. Or with friends, you don't exactly need a lover for this certain day, just saying..again
The chocolate I gave to hubby this morning
Actually I also got him some Kit Kat, dark chocolate and Reesee-something I dunno those American peanut butter-peanut-bars (that just taste like Snickers to me) though I just got those cause Hubby got sick and thought more = comfort food Poor baby just stuck in bed :C Then again just passing time with playing with his new Instagram account~ Which is @eric8983 if anyone wants to look at a cute Korean boy.

Tea n Honey


More vibrant in real with pink-orange under tones, a bit spring with some romance :DD 

For a little sweet and cheerful 'pop' I went with a orange liptint from Etude House

We were originally going to go on a date ofcourse that changed when he got sick but nevertheless I LOVE homemade meals, basically cooking is fun time for me. I went around to buy ingredients for what I had planned was going to be chicken soup/stew but, changed it to curry (Korean curry his mother sent us) over all it was a cozy day. Also my first Valentine's day where I'm not alone! I never thought this day would come, LOLOL so grateful

 Hope you had a nice day! Thanks for reading!



  1. I actually really hate the whole "fuck couples and feel bad for me cause I'm single"-bullshit. I love being single (mostly because I hate people, lol) and I don't get why some people feel so miserable about it. Seriously, bitch, if you can't make yourself happy, you're gonna scare off every potential partner by putting that exact pressure on them - to make you happy. It's not their job to fix your awful self-confidence. 눈.눈

    1. You're so right I agree by a 100%, I just had to let it out xD So many people use that 'pity-me' card, it really have gotten too old it's not even cute. Using Valentine's as an excuse to get every single person to hate on couples is just ridiculous >>