Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CNY | Lunar New Year ✿

Hey there! Chinese New Year passed already I know, sorry~
But, I will still proceed to complete the blogpost about it! You won't be too bored with it, cause it'll be short :P After researching a bit about the whole 'Chinese New Year' stuff, also discussing it my Hubby about the Lunar New Year in Korea, it's basically a family holiday you stay home and indulge in good foods; family time basically. Korean elders would give money to the kids/young ones(?) kinda like how Chinese people get those red envelopes with money, very interesting to me since my mother isn't really for CNY I never knew.

Basically cause not all Thai people care to celebrate it (though there's a large Chinese society in Thailand, based in Bangkok Yaowarat one of the largest 'China Town's in SEAsia celebrate it) if there's any of them that have Chinese relatives or Chinese ancestors they would take a day off work, my mother being one of them that didn't celebrate; I didn't really know what to do about it - we went out for good foods at Sizzler though, since cooking at home can be a hassle at times.   But, woopp Sizzlersss love their salad bar!

Otd was pretty simple but, I really liked my makeup (BEFORE LEAVING UGHH). 
It had turned out so nice it's an incredible shame it had to be ruined by the time we actually reached Sizzlers... But I also changed shirt, cause I started feeling really cold and I didn't want to expose my shoulders in the cold AC inside of the mall (before I got really sick, but whatever been sick eversince the beginning of 2014 so meh!) 

Hubby's salad choice, LOL

I like my greens BD and yes some potato salad..I'm so bad _ _

Also Hubby got a haircut!
He decided to cut it short since the hottest season is coming up..Still looking good and cute. TIHI

Didn't bring the liptint so the orange lippy fainted :'''C

I shall leave you with a Caramel Macchiato, order that everytime I get near a Starbucks Dx .. But, so bloody good..Kinda miss my Tiramisu Latte's in Denmark from Baresso but, the time shall come again! 

Thanks for reading!

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