Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quiet Country Summer

God I hate vacations sometimes

It's really quiet. Very quiet - almost too quiet. As much as I've looked forward to having summer vacation, I tend to forget I am on the country side, with a slim amount of friends around not to mention things to do around the area. A walk from time to time, used to be calming, now it's one of the few options of doing anything active apart from laying on the couch and watch movies on your laptop.

^ Doesn't sound so bad? Why am I complaining? I'm not actually lol I'm just a person that enjoys to do something, whether if it's productive or not-that-productive-but-better-than-nothing productive. I can barely stand a day of doing absolutely nothing. Luckily for me I workout in the morning and evening so I have something to do. Though it's almost a thing I look forward to (I always do but, in a different way) do 

- because it is something I would be doing and not just toasting it infront of my tv or laptop. 

But, nevertheless, if I didn't have Eric here, oh god this is going to sound hella tacky and cheesy but, I wouldn't be where I am right now. He have been helping me out so much, .. I love him. ╥﹏╥)

Flower Boy Ramen Shop ffufufu~
Spending some time at TeaStyle in Copenhagen right before we had to catch our train back to Jylland we just sat there to pass time and have some bobble tea and frozen yogurt we ran into some girls I knew, Lina and her friends. Quite funny how you can actually just spend a few laid back hours at the café and run into several people you know throughout the day. Was lovely!

Our time here at my place, before I can move out is spent with mainly: 

  • Food, cooking, eating and istagramming the food and me taking pictures of it before eating. LOL
  • Tv-series, watching anything on TV - Eric is quite fond of the National Geographic channel, surprising me a little, but then again a lot of interesting things gets shown on that channel
  • Tinychat, exactly what I spend most of time with to begin with LOL, both of us are mods in the same room so no surprise there. Modding we shall, when my laptop don't lags too much, hurhur
  • Websurfing, always. Can't blame this generation, had it most of our lives now.
  • Movies, everything and anything, if you have a good movie you can recommend please do! We have watched anything the past few weeks, haha.
Here's some food for ya. ENJOY IT WITH YOUR EYES ONLY ♥

Got my new phone as well, so ain't completely lost when I walk around anymore :B Even though I didn't mind not having a phone, just the fact I didn't know the time was kinda annoying. I need a watch or something.. This is my new baby though, Samsung Galaxy S3. So weird not to have an HTC anymore tho.

 Been wearing lesser makeup than ever, recently gone without it for 4 days. It feels hella weird and not to mention my skin doesn't even improve whatsoever ._. That's just sad, I let my skin breathe freely and it just starts breaking out on me TTATT (probably due to duh time of the months, ya ladies know.) Finishing off with some barefaced pics TT TT I look hella tired. /cursedtilldeathwithdarkcirclesofhorror.

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