Saturday, July 13, 2013

Get Away CPH Style Pt. II + Kimchi Festival✿

Saturday I went to the Kimchi Festival with Lucas and Eric. They we're excited for the food mostly, I just wanted to go, cause.. yeah ok I sorely wanted kimchi. LOL But, since we had spent most of our time just chilling I felt reckless and wanted to go out a bit :3 CAUSE THEY KEPT GAMING LOL AND I FELT TRAPPED /ques Trap by Henry. jk jk not as bad it sounds ~ exactly what it sounds like /stabs self

Eric complained like a little bitchy teenage girl about how bland the food was and etc. I didn't try much, other than the Kimchi Fried Rice and Kimchi Pancake which I had never had before. To me it tasted so-so, I've had better but, most likely it might have been because of the kimchi being in a bland mixture, zip-lock bag imported from Korea (Eric said he didn't want to eat it, hurhur, did it anyways LOL) 

Funny how Lucas, Eric and I ran into Tea and Rasmus as soon as we arrived! Was lovely, as Lucas and I had been talking earlier about how nice it would be if we could hangout with them as well and look around with Eric - never happened though, we suck at actually communicating with the world of social-friend-network we have ╥﹏╥)I can speak for both of us cause Lucas is hella bad at it as well! ╮(╯_╰)╭

We ended up staying for maybe another hour seeing people (Kpop-Lovers~ from FB) dance random bits and pieces of kpop songs, entertaining. And Eric got some face paint done, gotta represent 'em Koreans!
was too fucking shy to get any done myself /facedesk We then went through a window shopping stroll with Tea and Rasmus (and the rest of us hurhur) and dinner all together :DD I wasn't feeling for the food there so I enjoyed the company (wasn't that hungry, more like hella thirsty for some tea ><) 


....ლ(ಠ益ಠლ y can't look pretty next to Eric huh /sobs

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