Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moving, again | Moving to Lund, Sweden

Hey again! Yet again, I'm moving 
Currently I'm in Sweden, I'm here to stay though 
(for approx. 5 years)

I'm moving to Lund tomorrow! I've been moving around a lot this year and I realized it made my blog suffer, a lot. I didn't mean to neglect it though, I enjoy writing posts, reviews and life updates (so I can look back on it and remember everything~) so here's a little update.

I've been cleaning and packing, working out as well as trying to attend to my Youtube channel. I've been trying to upload a bit more regularly to atleast 1 video a week or 3 video a month. Just a bit sad I don't have much going on to record so I'm thinking about vlogging a bit more with my whole moving and experiencing a new country with my boyfriend.

But hey good news! I know I lost A LOT of followers after I had a friend pick about my layout on my blog and deleted my followers by mistake (it's okay ; w ; ..) but I finally reached a 100 subscribers on Youtube! I was waiting to do a giveaway when I reached 600 followers on IG but, whatever ~ haha

I'll post a video about the giveaway this week (hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday) and it's open to all my readers and followers both on Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger and Youtube!

Hope some will join <3

Thanks for reading

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  1. Ah ma gosh, congratulations on moving! I've been going through odd living situations last year as well, haha, but finally found a place a couple weeks ago. Feels so gooooot.

    AND FDGFGEA you are SO GORGEOUS by the way! Half Asian girls are always such foxes. I'm following you now toooooooooo~ mucho love!