Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trip to UK!

So last week I went to the UK for less than a week (3-4 days), it was meant as a short trip so I didn't see much, nor did I take many pictures same goes for recording.

It was a very short Vlog I got put together and it didn't have much in it sadly (;´Д`) I wish I had gotten footage from Oxford street, omg that was just crazy!! Crayon people. OTL LOL. But, I felt like I was being pushed, really, just pushed even though I tried to ninja around people it was hard still, I almost had a fit, haha

Tried 3 times to make the bloody vlog and yet all 3 times and uploaded it to Youtube 3 times as well..fucked up shit doesn't wanna do anything right arghhhhh. I shall shave it for you later gaiz.

At Billund Airport, past the security.
Waiting for boarding, guess that happens when there's like 2 hours before the flight

While waiting for our gate to even open, we decided to sit and chill at a café right next to Sunset, the view was really nice, sun setting and everything. + I had a very yummy cappuccino for 3£ ..haha, got 'em money.
Funny thing actually, the guy at the counter was like, "You want hot chocolate?" in a very soft childish voice, I know I'm not that tall in Denmark, nor look SUPER ADULT-ISH, but hey I asked about their coffee menu, if they made ice blends because I craved one. For some reason they didn't have any drink menu, say what, you're a business in an airport why don't you have a menu? Even for food! Nevertheless he got shocked  when I said I was 18, I just laughed it off, play it cool. 555

I was happy about my makeup so wanted a selca, my classmate thought it  was to document the trip..
Sure if it's your thing, haha, let's camwhore a bit while the light is awesome!

Healthy Sunset..felt like this version of bread, size wise, just seems a little smaller than the normal ones
- might be that a circle shape appear smaller..Never the less it was good! Though I missed eating warm actual food

Boarding pass, with thé fat angle /le sigh. CHUBBY BUNNY

Picture in the train to London, Monday after our arrival!!
 One the first day we were wandering London by ourselves, we went, Oxford street, China Town, Picadelli Circus and around King's Cross Road. It was really hectic for me, my classmate was very eager and stressing because she wanted to do things I had no idea how to set up, yet I had tried to find a cheaper option for us to stay there, we stayed at my friend's place in Hatfield, so sweet of her to me stay but, also a complete stranger,  same goes to her roommate, one of the kindest girls I've met.

On the day I didn't take any pictures, not really I felt weird for doing so, also with the weather, oh god, truly London is like a death rain trap, no hat or anything, I ended up drenched like a mouse by the time we got back to Hatfield, then my friend took me to her bboy society and I felt like a shy piece of wet hair around them, but they were all super cool and sweet! `・∀・´)

Lovely morning in Hatfield, walking to the train station to go to London again

BIGBANG- I mean Ben. Sorry there mate.

London Eye (´∀`*) 

This guy ended up trying to charge us 1£ (10kr) for taking a picture with us, we didn't have any
just our cards but, still, to take pictures WITH US, I dunno xD 


And then the bus came..

Then a tall guy but, better than the bus. It was so crowded I almost got pushed onto the road  ╥﹏╥)

No idea where we were, think it was around West Minister Abbey or so but, BOY LONDON HOODIE

 On Oxford street we went shopping, even though they had SOO MANY THINGS, yet still it was hard to find things to buy. We ended up spending hours and hours in TOPSHOP though! Seriously that store was like 4 floors and we didn't even get to the mens wear /le cries.

So we tried on tried a lot of clothes, mainly I wanted to try dresses, since I never wear them. I found one gorgeous (!!!) strapless dress in a lovely shade of wine red. I didn't buy it though, I am not sure if I am sad about it, or glad I didn't spend the 38£ (380kr) on a dress I would never get to wear. But, I bought 3 pairs of stockings in TOPSHOP.. NO WINTER CLOTHES Y U NO BUY HUH HAKU U SO STUPID.
I bought a fluffy scarf that is the shit, ok. I love it to bits, it's so warm, and looks so sweet yet elegant. Also got myself a cardigan from FOREVER21, I really wanted it badly so 18£ it was!

At China Town, I finally got Bubble tea!! 
Also we got frozen yogurt, I had Matcha flavor and oh, sweet delicious taste of glory I tell ya.
And Oreo's we need Oreo's 
 Wish they had frozen yogurt in Denmark as well, I think it might come eventually, though I just heard that they're now selling bubble tea in Denmark, in Copenhagen. I oath to go there asap, though money and traveling stuff is being a bother, issues in life I suppose. I won't bored with it right now! just yet at least

And it was glorious, yet again, great dinner indeed! I miss it already!
I shall give my thanks to Matt, a friend that I met up with in London, who took us there, it was awesome.
You're awesome, thanks man!!
 My friend held a Halloween party for all of her friends, so they got together at her place later the same night, "the night" we were supposed to leave, early in the morning of Wednesday more accurately actually but, I ended up crashing so hard no idea what happened they couldn't wake me up and I stayed in England for 1½ day more before I rushed to take a flight home. I really have to say I've had sooooo many close runs to missing flights, trains, buses but, this was the first time to miss a plane I have to say I felt awful and I will never ever do it again. I have never felt so terrible in years and years back. Right now I still waver about going to the BIGBANG Concert in London in December because this awful feeling just won't let me go, though it's in the past and I from the moment the gate closed I couldn't do anything about it.

Btw, Ryanair sucks. Yes you hear me, small rant going to be here, an important one as well but after talking to my mother's boyfriend that Ryanair is very sleazy and actually aren't all nice. On the day I was leaving they had talked about abandoning their work for the day because of their reculations in Asia, hiring people and not paying them, I also experienced that I couldn't change my flight after I bought one for Saturday due to the overpriced tickets earlier dates but, also I couldn't CONTACT THEM at all! So I spend over 900kr (97£-ish) on the tickets, just to get home, I couldn't get to them even arriving at the airport. Even my mother's bf couldn't do anything about it. So in the end, I do not want to fly with them again..
I might do it in the future but, only if it's the last option available!

Upcoming reviews, haul and get's are coming soon!! Stay turned, thank you<3


  1. ooooh so nice~~ *A* GIVE ME THE DRESS~ I want it... maybe I should go to London just to get it lol? xD but I'm happy you had a good trip <3

    1. I'm not sure if TOPSHOP ships to Denmark, but you can ask Tati to buy it for you (or me? LOL) when we go in December for BIGBANG. C: