Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ღ How's March? ღ

◍ Hmmmmmmm, honestly? 

It's very hard to explain and still I'm not sure about how personal I should take my blog. I used to think that I could make it a personal blog but, as time went by, it just seemed like an uncertain thing about that "personal space" after a few (2-3) classmates followed me on my blog. 

I've had some issues about sharing my web life to the people "around me" : By around we all know those people in your class that just "think" that you're like

'' WEIRDO → → →  (。△。 ) . . . ''

Or so it was for me .. ha..ha 


The past week have been "slow" - ish. Went with my Media class on a small really effing short! to Channel 3:

The biggest Entertainment Company in Thailand

Awesome awesome  ┐(´△`)┌  ~

Us waiting to enter the studio building! HOT VERY HOT THAT DAY!

(●´□`) Ahhhhhh ~♥

Ayaha-chan♥ (&me/cough)

Tivoli spejl billed! lol, jk (Danish)

And no one can tell we were talking about KPOPヽ(〇・u・)人(・u ・〇)ノ
Yen & Tom (yes, the old guy is a student as well) looking very producer-ish!
Very blurry picture of me - Taken by Kenta - I LOOK THE BEST DURING BLURR 555

The 5PM news clip with us! //taken at Amarin Mansion Lobby ゝ∀・)

I have no idea ... I was checking the pose and he was adjusting the lens ...

Then me and Kenta went Cheese Cake House hunting but, after 2 hours of searching we gave up, had dinner and went to Terminal21 and I had a nice "photoshoot" (of derp'ness) with Nichkhun from 2PM!

 v゚  ロ゚)☆

Cool pose ftw.
I would so be perfect for a 2PM MV, charming am I not  (σ `∀´)σ
Feel like my following posts are going to be rather informative and just getting the whole catching up rushing feeling to them .__. I don't like that D: