Saturday, March 17, 2012

✪・HAIR ✪

 Hey thur ー ヽ( ●∀●)ノ~

So lately I've had major bangs/hair issues and been trying really hard on finding ANY-EFFING-THING style that would suit me ..  

IN VAIN( -.-) Then I remembered I had a Ensogo coupon package for exactly my troubles! A 3 in 1 hair package with 1 of Bangkok's (supposedly seems very self proclaimed to me..)WITH SHISEIDO PRODUCTS ; The package contains the following ..

  • Haircut with additional hair design + advice (blah blah, goodness~)
  • Hair coloring - hair longer than waist length will be charge 500B extra (Lucky for me!)
  • Treatment + hair wash (commonly should be after coloring..) + blow-dry
  • Then finish with setting and styling of free choice!  
I am very excited! If you can tell |ョω)  ㅋㅋㅋ

Just a few of the samples I have (as app) on my iPod, it's difficult.. also with coloring, it's all of my hair and going black would be.. too close to what I have now and I've done that before.. /le slaps 14 y.o emo self. Since my hair is naturally REALLY curly to an a very annoying point mostly I thought looking my curly/perms would be a "good idea" though we all know I want that smexy B.A.P WHITE AZZ SEX HAIR ÜBER ALLES !! Though my hair is only this length (as the pwetty gurls on the pictures for the Japanese catalog ( ´△`)) when it's straight/soaked in water when showering in the raiiiiiiin jk.
I dunno!! Also with the hair color.. I dunno really, should I pre-dye it like "lighter brown" and then decide on a color for I was looking at the red section when I was walking by the salon last week.. since I refuse to get the fugly orange one that the Thai girls get, wake up girls it's EWWWWWWW ヾ(・ェ・ヾ)

I kinda want a MOFO HAWT blonde-ish ash color..
- though my hair would get roots in less than a week!!


  1. GO FOR ASH BLONDE BBY! and then a short boyish sexy look >: D UNF. And then come back to Denmark and marry me! YEH-YUHHHH /wiggly brows/
    Also.. girl.. I get roots so damn fast. Within 10 days I got roots again.. -__-" and I'm like "SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY HAIR? I'm ABUSING you atm, dammit! STOP GROWING SO MUCH!"

    1. I COULD BE SO TEMPTED - to color it, still growing it though lol, money money moneeeeey (LOL) I could really use some now ha..- mommy gives sugar for the long hair ヾ(・ェ・ヾ) OH YEAAH.