Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today I didn't feel so good about, or rather being around other people in school and sitting for 3 hours for a lecture - felt like something I felt like doing in my emotional state. pish. So I just stayed in my apartment, cleaned and stuff, wrote with people on FB and stuff. wasting time till Haruka left for Ethnic Class at 11AM - She wanted to do some pre-study. Oh Japanese haha.

Late night, last night;

 My lovely dinner; rice with chilli sauce. HA

Yesterdays outfit! - NOT HAIR NOT THE HAIR FOR dfhjxkvxc!
 But, I had promised to go around to look for a place to make a spare key, so we could have one each ~ So of course got dressed.. even though I really didn't feel like going outside at all, but I promised. PROMISE IS A PROMISE. After walking around a bit, looking like an idiot, with frizzy curly hair, I got frustrated seeing how the guy just was gone from he normally was and I couldn't find anywhere else, so I found this little out-in-an-alley hair dresser; a nice sleeping old lady. She of course woke up as I opened walked in though the open door and she washed my hair, gave me a hair treatment annnnnnnnnd blew it straight and gave me a heat treatment as well ~ so kind! And talkative. 

Just 60 baht. 60 baht. That's cheap!
Then I changed my comfy tshirt into:
Todays outfit. Me and my crazy layers.
 Shirt-set: Bought on the street in Pin Klao for 80 baht.
Pants: Given by ex-roomie from DK - She's a bitch btw.

.. Maybe.

Almost Straight hair!! ; w ;

I was dancing around so it got kinda hot


For you guys<3 lol, so dirty.
 Yes, before it rained. I just made it inside, changed my clothes shirt, turned on my iron straightener for my fringe of course. It comes with a cost when you have DEMON CURLS. And then; A lot of wind like just blew in my room and it was SO NICE, I walked out on the balcony, took pictures and enjoyed the nice cooling service~ and then rained just fell like waterwall in my face down. UGH TT__TT So in the "cold" weather I made something I always do when it's "COLD" or rainy.

I'm crazy. Why?

200 degree hot water in my coco! In 30 degrees. HA

Pretty much what I used my afternoon on. Chatting

 The rain was still dripping but, we had plans to go for Khao San Rd. for dinner! At Shoshannan.. something. I can't remember, just that it reminds me of a shoe. But, the food was good! Then after, some of them got dessert, our group wanted to play pool snooker, and drink beer. So we went to 711, got beer and found the Pool Club - Sounds so wrong haha! But, it was pretty cozy, and there were a group of 'hippie' like Japanese people hooking on 1 of the pool tables but, it was okay - I didn't play~~ Uneven number for the win. 5 ppl.

I wanted Kebab.. they didn't have TT TT

My food~ Sharwama w/ salad~

Kizuku'a food! ... a food pancake, I think.


I just love this picture. And the guy (Dominic) studies in Aarhus! Epic much.

Rest of the group.

The one in a blue shirt, studies in Copenhagen! She's just not Danish.. wth


Winner team!

Blue BB<3

I should study.. and eat healthy! ARGH. Tomorrow there's a 2 hour, alll you can drink at NARZ, some bar or something, and lot of us are going. But, I shouldn't you know, due to studies and upcoming photoshoot, the weight. UGH. and so many other things! I tend to be more talkative in Japanese when drinking as well as approaching T-chan when being drinking a bit more. Hell I tell ya ,. HELL.

Going to bed ya'll it's 02:32AM right now. Time sure flies by. DARM ~~


  1. HAHAHA omg you screenshot our convo! <3 That's so cute! I think you look adorable : D I love crop shirts too! They're just so comfy over a long tank top or something.. I usually wear my (way too!) baggy sweat pants from Korea underneath.. cause I'm a hobo : P

    FOOD PORN *_* nomnomnom!

  2. Hahahahaha your comment made me smile like an idiot! You're so cute! /le hug.
    Oh, and it's spelled 선생님 (seonsaengnim) ; D

  3. looks like you had a fun night! and I think your hair looks fab in here!

  4. lovee the outfit! hmm I'll take your thoughts into mind! Well I'm not really into thinspo and extreme diet plan blogs either keke. I'm just doing it the plain old fashion way through exercise and eating healthy xD seriously I hope you can overcome this!! My best friend had it too and it took awhile, but shes MUCH better now:)

  5. I don't know what to say, I just love this post a lot I don't even know why! The way you wrote is funny haha.

    Your hair looks good. I'm thinking of straightening my hair but I'm not sure ww