Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hair-li-cious unseen spoof!

So a special treat for my readers, is letting you see the transformation of my hair! Even facebook doesn't know, see  that is an accomplishment. Right there. //Tabs shoulder like a boss.
The last post I did was pretty messy not to mention the setting was pretty weird, but since I made it super kicking awesome in word I forgot how much of a diva Word is and it totally kicked my face when I copied the shit text onto blog.. UGH. But, I have better time now to do it so, hurray! //blogging happy style~~

If someone you were unaware of a certain fact - about my hair; Well my mom have been paying me to grow it out for a while now, in a few months it would be a year. So yeah, it grows fast, in a way it feels slow but, it grows fast. I see the change for sure from my short boyish cut to this doll like-shit-looking style it has become, seeing how it's all curls and .. "semi-long hair" using the term from the salon. ORLY. - History told short; I used to have KICKASS LOOOOOOOOOONG TO MY BUTT, hair all these adorable, eatable, yummy (for some - like not me) princess curls. For like ever. Then a mysterious night in Thailand, 14y.o getting sick of my long hair, my tomboyish side was like 99.9999999999999999% all over so. -SNAP- Gone it was~ Over 1m(eter) of hair on the floor, and sexy tomboy Haku was born! MHAHAHAHHAHAAHH. 

-Something like that. lol


... - no comment.
"Hey, I look like an alien o3o"
Creepy face had to get censored. 

I got my visa b*tch~
Actually I liked the cut much better when it was styled by the girl, but yeah my hair of course has it's own way of thinking =_= so yeah. What do you think? Suits me or not? :3 ~ And don't mention I look more feminine it's the hairstyle's fault.

Extra pic!


  1. HAHAHA OMG YOU'RE SO CUTE! >: D /glomp. I think you'd do SO damn well in gyaru style btw! You have the face, the hair, the everything. ...and your mom PAYS you to grow it out? shit son.. xD

  2. @Nani - Gyaru really isn't me much though xD LOOK AT MY STRONG MASCULINE FEATURES; not to mention my bread. Handsome. lol, but I'm more of a rough dude//I mean chick? I dunno haha. The everything? EH. Well she wants the long hair! I think I prefer it either, "SHIT THATS LONG" (lol) or sexy short! LIKE GA-IN (BEG) HOLY-