Monday, June 13, 2011

.. What.

Well, yeah. That's like the thing I'm asking myself WHAT
Someone stole my yogurt
At school.

I have no idea why someone would do such a thing. 
  1. It's yogurt.
  2. It's mine
  3. Not anyone else's 
  4. Over half of it was left and someone ate almost all of it, threw it out right next to the zink.
What the fuck is "your" problem?

Here at our school we have had loads of problems regarding, stealing. And like yeah, things as speakers have been taken too, but food FOOD have been the top 3 thing to snatch and that's like - fucking annoying.

I shouldn't think highly about my yogurt, it was "just" yogurt, but it's an expensive brand, 0,1% fat, and well MY FAVORITE VANILLA MF VANILLA I TELL YOU. I'm pissed, oh yes I am. 
Ugh, when I find you.. just you wait..

Now I'm just pissed, and I'll snap at my censor during the exam due to this. Thanks bitch (I know it has to be a girl)

I'll hunt you down.

 - I have to let it go, gotta practice my part (where I read for censor) e - e

1 comment:

  1. O_O" people steal at your school? That freakin' sucks. >_<" and food.. FOOD? omg. I twitch when I have to SHARE my pepsi max.. if some bitch stole it, I'd snap her in two and sell her on craigslist.