Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shopping Saturday

Or I had to go shopping. 
My mom just thought that I had to get an travel/flight outfit for when I leave Denmark here on Wednesday, so yes we left early and bought some things on sale in H&M, I really normally hate mostly everything in Danish stores - it's just not me.
It all came down to 430 kr for 2 outfits and a pair of "normal" shoes. Pretty fine, still too much in my head xD by normal I mean high heel less, it's so weird e_e

Sun screen ON SPRAY<3 & those "no heel" shoes C: 

1 set of "baggy" pants, extreme thin fabric perfect to hide my thighs&the hot weather there!&a long top it's actually really green.. and it's difficult to wear, my bra shows e_e

My favorite pants! And they're from the kids department, I can actually fit it.. lets forget about the stretching fabric shall we? OTL and they are just as comfy as the pair before, just smaller and have my "bag" to it between the thighs!<3

A random weird cut top my mom wanted me to have.. I DA NA.
But yeah! Kinda sums up what I have been doing .. and is done with, now I need to do drawing commissions and the Harry Potter workout challenge! 
But, first - a nap. Bye lovelies~

I am feeling lazy, yes~~ I should pack my stuff ;~~;

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  1. WOAHH lovin' the baggy pants you got! I have a pair quite similar and a long-legged one! : D LOVE THEM SO MUCH! My ex has my short pair tho >_>" Must get it back soon! -runs in circles-

    And girl please... your thighs? -__-" I feel like I need to punch you in the face or something.. *sigh*

    UGHH your trip to Thailand is so close noooow! D:<