Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goodbye my Lover

SO LITTLE TIME LEFT. Yes, I’m spazzing, I’m nervous, I’m scared, of course I’m scared. I’m going aboard, for a year, or 5 I might not return to Denmark, I might, but I don’t want to lol.
But, yeah. Since I’m kinda moving out – did I tell you I’m paying everything out of my own pocket?

No sweet mommy helping me here guys, I’m on my own. 
So I’ve decided not to have wi fi, it’s too expensive for me to actually have my own, and there’s no such thing as ‘free wi fi at starbucks’ here love. 

Sad reality, as much as I’m an clearly found addict to the internet TUMBLR I have to say goodbye for 24/7 online me. I’ll like be on once in a while, web cafe’s are loved, VERY MUCH, so I’ll walk around with my usb cable A LOT with updates and whatnot, just to swing by a web cafe. But due to the time difference I doubt I’ll be on at the same time as my friends.. it’s really sad, I’ll miss A LOT of people. Many good friends will like forget me, and have no real way to contact me, unless lol they’re in Thailand and have my number..
Yes. I have to get.. a life.
Sounds really scary really omg hahahhaahahhaa.
I won’t get to use my laptop a lot as I used too, or I will, but not to as much .. online things. 
not even for school either, Thailand goes by the pen and paper, ass in the seat and eyes on the blackboard, so much different from the Danish schooling lol, or at my school that is. 

Computers on 24/7 GA.
I shall hug my laptop James a lot soon. Imma miss you guys a lot..

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