Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dancing, Planning, Practice - Practice&Practice!

Yeah, so I've being practice (only for an hour sadly though D: ) Abracadabra dance, Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls. It's really sexy and hot! I love it, even though it doesn't sound like me to say that about such a song, since it's electro/dance type of music, I just love it. (This is the stage ver, where they only dance) It's awesome! God, Narsha is just darm sexy and badass! I wish I had her body! She's just stunning! (My opinion :D)

But, I have a long list of dances I want to learn;
Replay by SHINee
Lucifer by SHINee (Learned like the first 30 secs, I'm so proud 8D In one hour!)
Abracadabra (ofc) by Brown Eyed Girls
Wedding Dress by Taeyang
Breathe&Heartbreaker by G-Dragon

They are mainly the ones I wanna work on before this year ends :D I just love them ~

I've being planning this year as much as possible, what I've planned so far is mostly goals of my own and other stuff as well like traveling and such :D Also being planning a little for next year!

First of all, I have to learn Abracadabra and Lucifer (Whole freaking shit! May contain flaws ofc -w- ~) before the New Year, I've promised myself that.
2# Learn to play the guitar proper!
3# Start on vocal lessons and singing
4# Workout twice a day, the morning and in the "evening"
5# Remember to take care of my skin and my body!
6# Diet, diet like crazy!
7# Get over my fobia towards feminine clothes, like dress fx.
8# Save up money to go to Thailand and London in the summer vacation.
9# Stay away from sugary stuff; Candy (I don't even eat it lol), junk food (I hate it :D), cake (I almost never eat it anyway) and ect!.
10# Start to take dance lessons when the New Year starts, like pro lessons, lol.
11# Work on being just a little feminine looking and feel comfortable while doing so
12# Act and practice like life depended on it!

And lots more I don't feel like mentioning right now xD

Dance references links:

Wedding Dress:

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  1. Omg, Lucifer is like so hard! I'm trying to learn it aswell haha, but currently it ain't going so well :P
    Good luck with all your new years resolutions! :D