Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hey! You might not know but, I've had a .. maybe difficult life since I was 11 because of the classic "DIVORCE" and sooooooo on. I'm not going to throw my life history right in ya face but, I lost my grandfather last year or rather this summer and so, there have of course being a trail. A really annoying one about his will and all his money.

I just received the papers on the FINAL word of it all, finally that is a chapter I can close on but, I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED. My hmm, what to call her. My fathers sister, bleh.
Have on some weirdo way gotten almost all of the money "5/8" the money split in 8 she gets over half of it?! Omg what the hell? I got my father's share since I'm an only child and he died 2 years ago, I'm just entitled to it, I have a half brother but, either they couldn't find him or he just said no to the money and no relations with my "fathers" family & I understand why! If I ever met him, I would say he really should be thankful for not getting involved with them, those ungrateful greedy people! I hate them! They even threw one of their sisters out of their family because she wanted to marry a Swedish man (she lives in Sweden now, happy I hope) But, she gets just as much as me and her sons get even less because they have to split between them .. Ugh. Britta is her name, the one greedy bitch. I'm not like; "I didn't get enough ARGH!!!!!" but, it just really annoys me to see that she has gotten so much because she somehow have tricked my grandfather into giving her as much as possible in his will, my father told me before he died, that she did EVERYTHING. Like my grandfather would always send me 5-1000 kr. for Christmas and when I had my birthday, but when he began to become ill she started to all those stuff for him. I didn't get a letter with money no more, just the letter itself, it pissed my father off when he called to say Merry Christmas with my mother and me and I mentioned the letter, Gramps said, "Did you spend the money on something good?" I wondered what he meant, because I only got a LETTER - not any money. My father got mad after talking to Gramps and then with his sister Britta. He cut all talking to her after that. I got letters for about 2 years then my father died and I had to move, I didn't get anymore letters even though he knew where I had moved to. Because Britta made sure that I never got the money & I could never call him because we had lost the number to his house when my father died. And then at the ending of my boarding school year last year I got a phone call from my uncle, Britta's husband. - Wait, huh. Where did they have my number from HUH? - He told me Gramps had died 2 days ago. Great.

It really is just some shitty shit. All this dieing and wills as well as greed. Everyone is so greedy. Money is not everything! We should be a happy family but, NOOOOOO. My fathers family just happens to be all too greedy and disgusting. I'm sorry for my father, to grow up with them, losing his mother 2 years before I got born, losing his real father when he was 7 and losing his brother at sea when he was 12. I'm really sorry but, he turned out to be a strong man, a man I called my father. A really really strong and kind, loving Father. I miss him.

- Haku//  

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