Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye 2010 - HELLO 2011! (New Years resolutions)

Ne! Annyeong everyone! Happy New Year! Finally this year is(or already has) taking an end. Goodbye, bye bye 2010 nice meeting ya, glad not to see ya anymore. Hello 2011! Hope you'll be good to me~ (Or else I'll kick your ass..)

New Year resolutions? I've GOT TONS - don't we all?

"First of all, I have to learn Abracadabra and Lucifer (Whole freaking shit! May contain flaws ofc -w- ~) before the New Year, I've promised myself that.
2# Learn to play the guitar proper!
3# Start on vocal lessons and singing
4# Workout twice a day, the morning and in the "evening"
5# Remember to take care of my skin and my body!
6# Diet, diet like crazy!
7# Get over my fobia towards feminine clothes, like dress fx.
8# Save up money to go to Thailand and London in the summer vacation.
9# Stay away from sugary stuff; Candy (I don't even eat it lol), junk food (I hate it :D), cake (I almost never eat it anyway) and ect!.
10# Start to take dance lessons when the New Year starts, like pro lessons, lol.
11# Work on being just a little feminine looking and feel comfortable while doing so
12# Act and practice like life depended on it!"

I said that in my last blog entry. Well what do we know? I actually can Abracadabra now, and Lucifer is a ALMOST but still needs more work on (as well with Abracadabra since I haven't practice on that sexy shirt thingy). But YES I HAVE MOOOOORE. But, that I wont mention now since I have an headache. My warm milk have gone NOT warm and the darm dogs underneath us is going crazy because people are shooting fireworks 6-5 hours before the actual TIME AGGGGGGGGGGGRH.  

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