Thursday, November 4, 2010

Haku or Weiiss?

Well, I've being called Haku for almost 3 years now. It's amazing how a name just can grow on you like that, even though my real still lurks around in my older friends from "middle" school, I go by Haku by in general - Just all. But, from time to time I've being called Agito or MJ, stuff like that or Cat a classic in nicknames!

Ever since I joined the lovely site Asian Fanfic' I chose to have another, a "different" username than "Haku" and fell over the beer, Weiss. Hello new nickname! In the so called Tbox in the forum or site I go by Weiss and the account is Weiiss. I've taken a great liking to the name! I like it! Even though it's German, I've had German for some years now, just not this year and not thinking about getting it again in the future. EVER.

But, I'll still be everyone's Haku! And the lovely people on aff's Weiss, that's the way it should be ;D And in the future maybe I'll reveal my real name to you all? .. Nah, never! Ha!

- Haku.

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