Tuesday, September 30, 2014

YourTea - Tinyteatox First Impression!

So it's that time again, yet another teatox? Remember when I tried the HealthyMeTea? (Probably not) It's a teatox tea from the Aussie branch "SkinnyMeTea", although YourTea also is a Aussie brand I thought after so many positive reviews about it, I thought I would give it a go.

Also the fact hey had a 20% discount, kind of lured me into the teatox craze once again.

It's a tea blend made by the company "Your Tea", basically a group of friends that made their own teas, saw the results it gave and thought of sharing it with the world - read that off the box I got, but the thought is sweet~ I've heard both high and low about the "Tinytea" their teatox to aid weightloss and de-bloating of your stomach, help restore your clean glowy skin as well; sounds pretty win-win to most of us girls out there. 

It's a herbal Chinese blend consistent of :

Oolang tea, Jue Ming Zi, He Ye, Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi, Mai Ya
(contains gluten)

That little added label "contains gluten" is weird, I bought the 28-day Gluten Free Tinytea package, but I won't question it if they say it's gluten free...maybe. 

Anyways! In the SkinnyMeTea, as well as many other "teatox" teas, there's a Morning/day tea &  Evening/Goodnight tea: where in most cases the latter one contains laxative herbs perhaps such as 
- Senna, 

Senna leaves are used in countless of "slimming herbal" teas, mainly because of the laxative effect. It can be very strong and hurt your bowels a lot, so I really hope you guys will be careful! Always be careful with those kinds of products, if you don't care and just go with it you might end up having to rely on the tea to actually..poop. Your bowels won't be able to do it properly by itself, it can be very dangerous!

Not to scare you off by teatoxes cause you never know "how much" of senna leaves they actually use but, just be careful like with most things online or "slimming" products ^0^ /

I was gladly surprised at how fast this company ships their products out, I ordered the 28D GL package on the 24th of September and it was by my door on the 29th (Sept) so basically 5 days; I placed the order at night so it got shipped out the day after. So glad! Great service.

About the box, I love the design. Compared to other companies that just put it in reseal-able bags; be it loose tea leafs, I think this method is much nicer. It looks more professional and clean. Comparing to my SkinnyMeTea experience with the loose tea leafs in a bag it was very troublesome to measure everyday to make sure I had enough for a cup - for the next 14 days. It was just a mess that didn't taste good at all, actually on the first try I gagged so bad I - TMI - threw up in my cup.

I loved how the scent of herbs and I dunno, calmness just oozed out of the box when I opened it. I love opening it just to get a sniff of that scent. (sounding like a lunatic, oops)

I love my tea

I've had a few cups so far, and I would say I enjoy the taste. I wasn't really skeptical on the taste since most of the reviews I stumbled upon was by girls, most likely non-herbal/traditional tea drinking ones, I bet a Chinese wouldn't even think twice about the flavor since they're Chinese herbal blends + they're tea drinkers. 

Over all good first impression! I can't wait to try it out more and see what happens, hopefully my skin and body will welcome it's goodness if not, then..erm, it was the most expensive tea I've ever had. HAHA

Here's the video edition of my FIRST impression (unwrapping and everything)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love tea! I'm actually looking for new varieties to try. Haha. Thanks for sharing. See you around!! :) xx

  2. Wow! looks cool hahaha, new follower here ^-^