Tuesday, September 9, 2014

LockShopWigs Review | Cascade Vanille

I bought this wig from a third owner, I can’t explain how their customer service or shipping goes but, I’m sure you can look up other reviews on that point :D It was bought originally from a friend who then sold it to the girl I bought it from, both sold it because they didn’t think the wig suited them. Such a shame, I think it’s AMAZING.

Stock photos from their website~

Let me break it down; when I got it, it had only been tried twice, but I received it in a sad condition, they hadn't combed it! So all the luscious curls were more stiff; so just give it a few combs and it’ll look fabulous. 

Prior to this I have been waiting to own this wig for over 4 months, I’m dead serious I've just been drooling over this for so long…But, hey it’s fucking awesome.

The quality was a big surprise, it’s probably one of the best wigs I’ve owned (apart from 2 cosplay wigs I had) only sad part is that the fringe is a little uneven and I can’t seem to even it out better, but the reason lies in the pressed shape it has been in, inside of the small bag it was in. A quick wash n dry would solve this problem easily but I’m lazy :B … Though washing a wig is really easy. HA

The length caught me off guard, I thought it would be longer based off the stock photo but, even so I think it has good length but, I would consider buying a longer one in the future, just because I have a thing for REALLY long hair. 

The volume though, we gotta talk about the volume, this wig has seriously NO limit at how big it can be, it’s fantastic! A little combing and some hairspray, boom you got yourself fab hair for days. (Can you tell how much I love it or no?...)

I demonstrated the volume potential in the video review that's at the bottom of this post so just read a little more or go straight to the video is up to you! :'D

Right now I have no cons about this product/wig, I think it’s a great investment and every penny well spent. I would have bought it from the site as soon as my paycheck went through but, I couldn’t help myself, oops.

If you’re looking for a dolly/sweet/GREAT wig in this style, I recommend it to you, also Lockshop has it in 3-4 other colors that are worth to mention. Also they have other styles ranging from cosplay to sweet/gothic Lolita and fashion wigs in general. It’s definitely worth a look!

Quality : ★★★★

Price : Affordable

 Color  : ★★★★ // Genuine to the stock photo, if not Ill say more natural in real.

Thanks for reading! 

Check out the video review below


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