Monday, April 9, 2012

★Short hair update★

Quick hair update!! ★

So eversince I posted about my hair; thoughts and whatnot, A LOT of things happened!
- like the Korean Wave Music omg omg omg, haha.
&&for all of the you that doesn't have me as friend on Facebook (for several reasons, ohoho) /cough
Have not seen the result of what happened, I got it dyed! - and cut.. not just my frindge stupid b*tches, excuse my language. But, still have some ranting about those people.. I won't post here.

So this was how my hair looked like before:

I do derp'ing the best 555

Look at how I change expression.. seriously, so disappointed
 And the result!!
- Or not entirely that color, nor style, but I was quiet skeptical about the whole coloring process cause the girl had no idea what she was doing, not just that but kept complaining about me. wtf, her boss kept saying I could speak Thai and understand it, but the girl was like whatever:


 *Farang is a Thai term mainly used as "White Man" like Western tourists, not Asian, if you put me next to a tourist group of Koreans I would be the one called "Farang" not them, they're KOREAN - but, 120% more tourist than I am, life
/le punch of discrimination in their faces. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ Y U SO STUPID HUH

Just a small quick post about my hair and the next one will be about the

Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2012!!

My tits never calmed down ohohohoho, jk jk ofcourse.
I'm not a pervert, I was just a big fan screaming my lungs out
- it was so . . how to express un-countable numbers of feelings
(OVARIES) of happiness and bliss? I feel like I was numb!
So happy.. ♡♡♡ OH btw, this is how my haircolor turned out!
See you in the next post, have a good day!♡

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