Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So Songkran is just dawning!

Songkran* is the "Thai" New Year!
- Like Korean and Chinese Lunar New Year
Thailand have their own that's placed in April!
Which is very convenient since it's the hottest month of the year.
Lowest tempreture is 29-30% I shall kid you not.

And I need to prepare, even though I might not seem like the type to play around with water like this

- in the sun + wet-skin tight water dripping sticky clothes + wet lion beach hair etc ..
I'm a pretty sadistic evil player when it comes to such "battle"-ish sort of games.

(And who doesn't like to see hot guys in wet t-shirts, come on, the eye candy /le drools)

I should probably post in order, like KoreanMW FIRST and then Songkran .. but, .. Songkran is here now, for another 3-4 days, so like, it's going to be on time for once with a blog entry! ♡

Not much to say about it now but, I'll keep up with the updates/get on with the last few posts I need to throw out till my bag is empty for the "PAST" events and focus on more -in the present- also future ones.
(Like I have a photoshoot 'pro one' in just a week -------------------- omgggggg need to diet and workout like monster nows!)

Have a nice week, Happy Easter! (&Songkran!)
Bring out those hotbad boys and their water-or-whatever!

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