Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shake em

Okay! So no food pron yet! Sorry to let your lustful eyes down!

But, yeah half of the day I didn't wear contacts due to the eye infection, also last night as well, so I gave it a try since we; aunt, bro-in-lauw and sis thought it looked kinda recovered, and vupti what'dda ya know~

It worked!

But, nevertheless, I'm super pumped due to to B2ST!

B2ST is the BEST

Haha, I'm no B2uty but, I really like them, and they got those 'beasty' dance moves!

And it really just gets me pumped for dancing! Totally playing that video right now!

"This is the best time to fly"

Haha, Yoseob with blonde hair, I really never knew when that era was from, but my Tumblr dash have had him pop up here and there so now I finally figured it out! So yeah, onto the rest. /cough.
I do like to dance, A LOT. I do kpop dances, also known as kpop dance covers and whatnot, but I've never posted them since I'm a perfectionist about what I do unless it's freestyle then I just shake it out for as long as the music play - and it's not sobby slow shitting music for making out in movies, ugh.

I like em beats fast! ~

So tomorrow I'll see if I can post a "preview" of upcoming dance covers that are going to be let out on YouTube in the world!! It will be just the moves I already know, since practice all of the dances right now would be suicide (not really), and not to mention just plain slobby of me to do so, so no. I will do good covers (as in of course I am no pro, and have not really taken any "professional" dance lessons whatsoever) since I do respect these artists for their hard work, talents and not to mention skillz!

~Video/dances that will be included~

Beautiful - B2ST

Lucifer - SHINee (FOR NANI)
looks a wild mushroom appeared!

Banana - G.NA
-no gifs either or it would just be her boobs OTL-

A - Rainbow

Bo Beep Bo Beep Bo - T-ara
-no gifs-

Breathe - Miss A (FOR NANI AS WELL)

The Boys - SNSD

I should add some more like;

Hello - SHINee
Oh Yeah - MBLAQ
Hot Summer - f(x)
Bubble Pop! - Hyuna

Cuz I know the moves for them already.. maybe Hot Summer will be there as well!

Stay turned for more ;3


  1. FUCK YESSSSSSSSS >: D 'tis gonna be epicccc

  2. Aha!! I love Beast as well!! ♥

    OMGOMG MAKE MBLAQ gif!!! *Q* They are my total obsession loool~

  3. Love all these gifs~!!! I love b2st woohoo~!!! <3

    xoxo tifuani