Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Im just a mess

an update on my life... Bangkok flood is really bad.

Let me show you pictures of the flooding in my area, which is where the biggest hospital is located, Siriraj is located. It's important and loads of people gets treated daily, and some of the worst traffic cases are located and 'that' area other than Siam of course.

Yesterday, when we decided to fled Bangkok.
Just low water, "just" up to our knees..
On the lower level of the street.
People getting evacuated in our area
People panic parking on the express way. fakking idiots 
Our awesome ride to the bus station so we could GET THE FUCK OUT

We have more pictures, the ride to here - Khon Kaen, took more than 10 hours due to flooding in areas all around us, so we had a long ride.. not to mention worrying about the rest of the people at Amarin, since the water level is rising, getting more serious and not to mention really dangerous.

It's going to go up to 2.6 meters by today .. In just my area, and it's expanding at rapid speed since the barriers around Ayuthattaya have broken and water is heading fast towards Bangkok, central plain..
My uni have postponed classes, any school resuming will first happen on the 15th. Our finals are on the 28th. Our BAS (British, American Studies) have been canceled till the 28th, since their American teacher just left Thailand 2 weeks ago and wont be back until then. Thammasat is really bad at giving us proper information about the dangerous situation, as much as I've loved it here, I would defiantly not recommend going during rain season at least, and maybe not pick Thammasat as your exchange program.

Thank you for reading this, I'll update with more info, about my life on everything and try and find better pictures.

lol, for once I'm on them for like, real.

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  1. Aww, søde Haku <3 Det må godt nok være træls, tænker på dig!