Monday, October 10, 2011

Leaving Pattaya soon after a family visit, to see my new baby niece! She is SO adorable. And it's rare for me to say that, since I get the big case of creeps when I see kids, and most of the time.. - they annoy me.

- Yes. I'll be a brilliant mother someday! I can't imagine me even getting married, since who the hell would marry me 555. 

I've been here since Friday (the 8th Oct), arrived around 8PM, I was really toasted, but they prepared me yummy food - a lot of food, but it was all spicy so NOMNOM for me! 

Been trying to get back into a workout cycle, it's going fine, it's a bit lose not so effective and mainly just sets of 10's on different areas a few times a day: 3-4 times, since it's such small sets. I'm going to start and only eat healthy food, try not to drink a little as possible, as little as possible. and exercise at least 1 hour day: or a minimum of 30 mins - minimum. But, all is well and I feel much better when I do it, so I'll totally not refrain from doing so! Hahaha! Going to miss the relaxing atmosphere, 100s of channels, also all the spicy food, and coconut yogurt - My new love<3.

btw, been a real nerd, and no lifer by learning a coin trick/move, the one you always see pro poker gamers do with their chips.. HELL YEAH I CAN DO THAT NOW. I can star in James Bond now with my new amazing'ly awesome move. MHAHAHA.

But, I am VERY EXCITED & nervous - My photoshoot is tomorrow evening, my throat closes up on me in all due tension in my muscles and body, so nervous, but also I have giant butterflies in my stomach! I cannot wait, just looking in the mirror thinking about the shoot makes me smile so big, I find myself even more stupid looking than usual. AHAHAHA, but also, I'm just hoping it'll turn out good, I'll enjoy myself and have a great time. Yes, for sure.

Wish me lucky babies! I'll update with pictures soon. I HOPE GOD DAMMIT.

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