Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Jan-Jun Official Dance list!

Yes! Anneyonghaseyo! I've made my dance list/dance covers for these (Jan-Jun) 6 months to come!

If I'm lucky I'm starting on a dance class in Varde this Thursday, or else I can start next week.. But, nevertheless not the issue now! I'm just exited :DD 

The year started off pretty good! Even though I didn't really celebrate it or anything (went to bed 3-4 hours before 00:00 lol) and got up at school at Sunday (wasn't that motivated due to the 3-4 hour long trip down there T___T) Monday was great! If we see through the project we are having now (I'm not that into our group TT_TT) the day was awesome! WE HAD TAE KWON DO OH YEAH, it was nice - We are going to play with knifes, nunchakus (spelled correctly? - oh, well ninja stuff), boxing (training + use), learn to do air kicks and lots lots more, sadly it's only 10 times TTwTT but, I look forward to next Monday already! FAST FAST COME TO ME. Hahah.


SHINee - Lucifer, Replay & Hello
Brown Eyed Girls -  Abracadabra
MBLAQ - Oh Yeah
Big Bang - Wedding Dress [Taeyang], Heartbreaker [GD], Breathe [GD], I Need a Girl [Taeyang]
KARA - Mr. Mister (The famous "butt" dance!)
SNSD - Run Devil Run (Encouraged :3)
IU - Marshmallow 
Miss A - Breathe (Was told I should try it, so it's like SEMI wanna do - Only going to learn it if I have nothing else to learn, last thing.)

- U can of course add one you think would be nice or something up to you, but just do it if you feel like it xD

Self choreograph ~ With U by Big Bang.
- Yes, I wanna do a self choreographed dance to that song, I love it! And it has a nice beat and in my head I already have a lot of "ideas" and whenever I hear it I always do freestyle! I can't help myself! - Though it seems weird when I'm the only one listing to the song and just dancing .. >: Hahahahah.

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